Pallet and empties management made easy. Christian Cavegn AG is a leading logistics service provider for refrigated and frozen food with around eight locations throughout Switzerland. Together with Dataphone, the company has been optimizing its packaging management since 2015. In the past, freight lists and notes were recorded on paper and manually transferred to computer systems. This not only meant a lot of effort but also a high error rate. Today, Cavegn's entire pallet and empties management is managed through our specially developed Hermes software.

Overview at any time. Hermes ensures consistent transparency: A dashboard constantly displays the current state of freight transportation and, e.g., which routes have already been completed or if there were any issues during loading. The truck drivers, on the other hand, are equipped with iPhones and the Hermes App which can be used in German, French or Italian. The App guides them through the loading process and structures their routes. Different colors indicate, for example, which route and delivery follow next. The receipt of the goods is also registered via App: Customers sign electronically on the screen. Hermes ensures a transparent and consistent communication from dispatching to the truck drivers and to the customer and thus significantly reduces administrative and logistics costs.





Individual solution. In Cavegn’s case, Hermes is connected to the company's disposition software. In addition to Hermes, Cavegn also uses 200 of our Linea Pro scan cases. Thanks to the integrated scanner, truck drivers record damage or missing goods within seconds.

Establishing an easier, more transparent and more predictable internal package delivery process. This is the task a Swiss manufacturer of clockwork components entrusts Dataphone with in 2011. No less than 150’000 packages of clockwork materials and assemblies circulate between the different production sites. Back then, the lack of traceability and uncoordinated transportation routes often resulted in package loss and additional costs.

Bye-bye Excel. In 2011, the manufacturer starts using Hermes, our modern Track & Trace system. Hermes replaces bulky Excel files, unhandy scanners and the manual recording of shipping data. With Hermes, orders and tours are now data-driven, electronically plannable, controllable, comprehensible and analysable. The software comes along with its own printing portal which enables the different sites to print address labels directly themselves - and to label the orders with the accurate sender and recipient (per package or pallet) already in advance to the delivery.

No WLAN needed. Hermes works in offline mode as well which is especially important for production sites without WLAN coverage. The manufacturer’s truck drivers benefit from Hermes too: designed for smartphones instead of conventional mobile data acquisition devices (MDAs), the solution is handy and user-friendly. Due to measurable efficiency gains through Hermes, the manufacturer decides to upgrade to our latest Hermes version in 2015.