Tour management made easy. Regent Lighting AG is one of Europe’s and Switzerland’s leading lighting manufacturers. The company advises lighting planners, architects and lighting installers in the search for the perfect lighting solution. In the spring of 2016, Regent decides to outsource their in-house shipping to Planzer Transport AG.

Data-based packaging with Logis. This project affects our warehouse management system Logis, which has been in use by Regent since 2011. So far, the fragile lamp components were first commissioned, then packaged and later provided for loading. Goods were only allocated to a certain transport route at the time of loading. In close collaboration with Dataphone, Regent redefined this process.

From three to one. Regent’s in-house shipping is outsourced to Planzer. Logis is therefore adapted in such way that it not only covers Planzer as the new carrier but also the already existing shipping partners Swiss Post and international forwarders. Additionally, the newly programmed packaging process automatically suggests the appropriate transport mode for each type of good. Instead of three heterogeneous shipping processes with Swiss Post, Planzer and international shipping companies Logis now enables a uniform packaging process. After another release, the improved Logis user interface has been reducing potential error even furher.