Our Profile

Dataphone develops highly innovativemobile and reliable soft- and hardware solutions for warehouse management, transport & shipping and retail.

Dataphone solutions increase efficiency across the entire supply chain of its customers worldwide.

Our Core Competencies

Thanks to our internationally-driven networking within the fields of logistics, we understand our customers, their challenges and market. Our strengths include:

  • System integration (various ERP systems, WMS, etc.)
  • Complete solutions for supply chain management
  • Process optimization for business cases, such as: retail, warehousing, production, transportation
  • Automation and robotics control
  • Relevant branch & logistics knowhow

Your Benefits

The unique combination between long-term experience in supply chain management and a large development team are valuable advantages for our customers. This allows:

  • Sustainable increase in efficiency of business processes Soft- and hardware from one source
  • Substantial decrease in process costs
  • Safe workflows due to traceability and transparence with scanning & digital apps
  • Our personal, pragmatic and flexible way of realization
  • Reliable partner for innovations in logistics


Award-Winning! Digital Champions in the Supply Chain IT Fields


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Vision and Values

We place people at the centre of every solution we develop. Whether you are a logistics manager, warehouse or IT specialist: your vision and your needs are very important to us. We know your tasks and the logistical challenges that arise. Our solutions simplify your workday and make it more efficient. We offer you:

Pioneering spirit

We are constantly striving to find new and innovative solutions. We want you to be inspired by our visionary ideas and our creativity and help you become a leader in your field of logistics. 


As your partner, we attach great value to authenticity and personal interaction. In doing so, we understand your challenges and your market environment. With our profond expertise, we help create more efficient business processes.


Agile and lean in our approach, we implement solutions pragmatically, quickly and flexibly. Whether whole sale, retail or industries such as pharmaceutical, automotive or electrical engineering industry - we support you with our many years of logistical experience.


Reliability and stability are crucial in logistics. For over 30 years, our name stands for high quality and has built confidence among our customers worldwide. 


Competence & Active Networking

We call on our vast knowledge and our many years of cross-industry expertise. You are assisted by our interdisciplinary working teams with long-time experience. We do not stop here: the training and further development of our employees is important to us. We want you to benefit from our know-how as well as from our active networking with numerous partners. 



Media Releases

email: media@dataphone.ch

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